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A Letter To My Husband on Our Ten Year Wedding Anniversary

January 21, 2018

My Dearest Alex,

I’m not sure where to begin this or how exactly to put into words my feelings as we celebrate our ten year wedding anniversary in Hawaii. Ten years ago today we walked into a small courthouse in Jacksonville, North Carolina and pledged forever to each other. In a small room filled with filing cabinets, a steal case desk and a couch, we held hands and exchanged our vows. It wasn’t glamorous, heck there was someone getting paroled right before us, but it was ours!

These last ten years have seen some pretty amazing moments and some rather tough ones, too. We have moved six times, added three little boys, and endured one deployment along with many lengthy training exercises. All the while you have stood strong by me, encouraging me, guiding me, loving me. You have given so much and asked for very little in return.

You have endured so much in your career and handled it so gracefully and with such strength and valor.  I am amazed by you each and every day.  You are the best father I could have ever dreamed of for our sons and I hope one day they can appreciate all that you have done and sacrificed for them throughout the years as much as I do.  I may not always tell you how truly proud of you i am and how much I appreciate all you do for our family but I couldn’t be more proud to call you my husband.  When we’re together I know that no matter what happens I am always safe in your arms!

Alex, I love you so much and I am so proud to be your wife. Happy anniversary, babe! Here’s to 50 more!


All my love,

**Image from our wedding reception, June 27, 2008.  Photo by: Jenn Orr

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