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2017 Favorites- Bride and Groom Portraits | Washington DC Wedding Photographer

January 15, 2018

Bride and Groom Portraits.  One of my favorite parts of the wedding day.  I love this time so much because I get that one on one time with my couples where I can really draw out that genuine and authentic emotion, and expressions.  The legit laughter, romance and tenderness, those moments that are harder to get when there is a crowd of people around.

Couples often ask me about my shooting style when we have a consult.  I like to think of my style as playfully curated.  Meaning, I may give you some some general guidance on footing positions and how I want you to place your arms (roughly) but then I will ask my couples a question, or have them act something out, or tell a story to each other or sing.  These things allow for genuine laughter, smiles, and sometimes tears.  While I think that timeless poses are a necessary part of engagement and wedding photography I dont want my clients to look at their wedding images and feel super stiff.  I want those genuine and raw emotions to be conveyed in their images so they can cherish them forever!

Here is a selection of my favorite Bride and Groom images from this year!

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