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I'm a natural and authentic wedding photographer | boy mom | Registered Nurse | Diet Coke & Caramel Latte enthusiast | sarcastic by nature

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This year I get a whole 4 months off of shooting! While this may send some panicking, thinking about 4 months off of work, for me this is a welcomed respite period.  This off season follows one of my busiest seasons to date! 2017 was an amazing year for my business.  I grew so much […]

Washington DC Wedding Photographer | Brittney Livingston Photography

2016.  What a year! I cannot believe that we are now officially into 2017 and I am working on my last wedding from 2016 (a NYE wedding!)  Part of me feels like 2016 flew by and the other part of me feels like, at least in the thick of it, that it lasted FOREVER!! Every […]

year in review

Pregnancy and wedding photography.  Its something you don’t hear many photographers openly discuss on their blogs and it has been weighing heavily on me lately.  I feel like as industry  professionals as we experience certain events that so closely effect our family and business we must talk about them.  Through our experiences and finding out […]

Pregnancy and wedding photography | Brittney Livingston Photography

I’m officially on maternity leave!  Some of you may not know this but we are expecting our third little boy in just a couple of weeks! While this is a very busy time for photographers as an industry whole, it is the beginning of fall wedding season for us wedding photographers.  This maternity leave is […]

Baby Belly | Brittney Livingston Photography

2015 has been quite the year.  I have to say that I have been immensely blessed to have had all the clients I did this year.  They are all nothing short of amazing! I have documented so many special moments and am still in awe that so many of you have trusted me to do […]

Lincoln Memorial Sunrise Engagement Session, Brittney Livingston Photography