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2019 Behind the Scenes | Annapolis Wedding Photographer

January 5, 2020

2019 was a fun wedding season. I have some pretty amazing couples, that’s for sure. And to top it all off, my second shooters seem to get the most interesting and comedy worthy behind the scenes shots. Being an Annapolis wedding photographer I get to visit all my favorite venues on a regular basis because its where I live. However, I love how close I am to some new favorites that have been added to the list this year like the J.W. Marriott in DC, Stone Tower Winery in Loudoun Co, VA and Hunt Valley Country Club.

Fluffing the veil as per usual. I quickly learned that hot cement on the J.W. Marriott rooftop will burn your feet.
Mom skills coming in hot. Negotiation with small humans is a specialty of mine!
Sometimes, you happen to be standing in the perfect lighting the Makeup Artist brought with her (Makeup by Jacs)
Clearly I was being picked on…
But then I had to become the bartender… prior life skills coming in handy
Not quite sure what is happening here.
I repeat, DO NOT put your tripods in the front of the Mother of the Bride’s chair.
Anne got to be the beverage holder this wedding!
When grandma takes a table down the hill a the ceremony, it comes in handy to be a nurse. Talking all things medical with her son who is a surgeon
Sometimes I get a little bossy…
Taking in the view of my favorite winery, Stone Tower Winery!
Checking to make sure the girls were ready and I was caught off guard.
“Brittney, you stand like a dancer when you shoot…” guess old habits die hard.
She gets some of the best images of me!
Talking all things setup…

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