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I'm a natural and authentic wedding photography | boy mom | Registered Nurse | Diet Coke & Caramel Latte enthusiast | sarcastic by nature

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Engagement sessions are some of my favorite parts of my business.  They allow a more relaxed atmosphere for clients to get to know me, and vice versa, and for them to get comfortable in front of my camera and with my shooting style.  Clients will often have two different looks- one more casual and one […]

This may be my most enlightening post of the year.  Today I am going to take you behind the scenes of a wedding day.  Most of these images are of me working, a few are of my second shooters.  Here you will get to see the very interesting facial expressions I make, the self diagnosed […]

I have realized this year that I really love shooting details.  Give me all the pretty little things that sometimes go unnoticed during a wedding day.  I love the florals, the dresses, the cuff links (can’t forget about the guys!), the heirloom pieces, the table decorations and the RINGS!!!! Here you will find my favorite […]

This year I get a whole 4 months off of shooting! While this may send some panicking, thinking about 4 months off of work, for me this is a welcomed respite period.  This off season follows one of my busiest seasons to date! 2017 was an amazing year for my business.  I grew so much […]

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When Meryl booked me for her and Dyami’s Baltimore Zoo Mansion wedding this November I was thrilled.  I mean, it was at the ZOO for crying out loud! This was all before I really got to know Meryl.  After meeting for their Georgetown engagement session (which you can find HERE), I knew that Meryl is […]

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